Friday, April 30, 2010

A visit from The Tooth Fairy

My little princess says Mom I can't eat my dinner because my tooth hurts. Mind you it has been loose for the past couple of days. So she stops eating and goes to her room. She is then talking on the phone to her Nana and she and her brother come screaming out of the room Mommy, mommy at the top of their lungs. I thought it was a spider or something. She holds up her tooth, look it just came out of my mouth.

Later on, while she was sleep I removed the tooth bag from under her pillow. I'm like oh no, I didn't have any cash - so I thought. I managed to find $3 dollars, so I put that in an envelope and slipped it under her pillow. The princess wakes up in the middle of the night surprised, Mommy guess what? The tooth fairy took my tooth and I have an envelope. Okay, I'll open it now. Then, listen to this: Three dollars! I can't buy anything at the store for $3 dollars. I said What. You better be happy she even gave you some money for your tooth. Then she says, but wait where does she get the money from? Does she make it?

I said, No she takes the money from ungrateful, non-appreciative, disobedient kids and gives it to kids who are thankful and obedient. Her eyes got real big and she had a surprised look on her face.

See what I am dealing with here people. Am I a mean mommy for saying that, What do you think?

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