Sunday, February 6, 2011

Misunderstanding |Chevy Cruze| Superbowl

I hope everyone is enjoying the Super Bowl with family and friends gathered around eating all that delicious food. I like watching to see who has the best commercial or ad that will air during the big game. Year after year the Super Bowl Ads are bigger and better than the last and the competition is fierce. Well, Chevrolet has several Super Bowl Ads that will be airing during the game. Here is a really cute one below. Click to watch Misunderstanding.

The Chevy Cruze Eco gets up to 42 miles per gallon. You heard it hear first. Chevy runs deep. For more information visit

Disclaimer: I received this video as part of the Super Bowl Campaign as a BzzAgent courtesy of Chevrolet. Any opinions or thoughts expressed are solely my own. My participation will count as a chance to win a giveaway prize.
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