Thursday, March 11, 2010

What is "Me Time"

I have no idea what me time is. I almost never get any. With all of the busyness in my day, I am lucky if I can get a shower. Has that ever happened to you or is it just me?

I am not one to complain,(well sometimes-working on that)sometimes you just need a break. I have been a SAHM for close to 7 years now and I am happy to be at home. Now if I said that every moment was peaceful and exciting and drama free I would be lying.

Here is my day

I am nursing several times during the night (how do you say sleep deprived).
I am at home with the kids all day and most of the evening-cooking, cleaning, teaching, nursing, bathing, policing the - tattling, running, screaming, crying, fit-throwing, picky eating wonderful beings I call my children.

My free time or me time is spent picking up the toys from the day, washing the dishes, folding and washing the clothes, nursing again and trying to squeeze in some sleep.

Is it just me or does me even fit in the picture. I am good if I can get a shower some days.

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