Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Season of Reflection

Life is so precious especially when it comes to an end for those you love. We celebrated the vibrant life of my Aunt who died of Cancer recently. We are a very close family unit and we were all affected by her passing.

I took some time off to spend with my loved ones and family as we all try to regroup after our loss. She will be truly missed. I wanted to write many times before, but just could not find the right words to say. Death is very personal and it effects us all in different ways. We will miss our loved ones because we want them here with us but she is in a far better place and not in any pain anymore. We will all cherish her life, her legacy and we will hold her memory near and dear to our hearts.

A message to you - Love your family because you just don't know when they will leave this earth. We will all die one day, but you must choose where you will spend eternity. Will it be in heaven or hell? As a believer in Christ, I know I will see her again when we get to heaven, but if you don't know Him you will spend eternity forever separated in a place of fear and torment.

Please choose wisely! Thank you for taking the time to listen.

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