Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Book Review: Geek Dad

About the Book: Geek Dad: Awesomely Geeky Projects for Dads and Kids to Share is a book by Ken Denmead, and this is the blog/website built to support the book. Here, you’ll find updates about the publication of the book, Ken’s appearances in support of the book, and forums for fans of the book to write about and share their experiences with the projects in the book.

About the Author: Ken is a husband and father from the San Francisco Bay Area, where he works as a civil engineer. He’s also the editor of GeekDad, the parenting blog for Wired magazine’s online presence, where along with a group of other dedicated, geeky parents he posts projects, book and movie reviews, weekly podcasts, and more about being a parent and being a geek.
I thought this was a fun and unique book. Not only does it inspire you to try new and interesting projects it allows you to experiment and experience fun ideas with your kids. I am a mom and this book is not just for dads, it is for anyone interested in geeky, cool, unique and fun projects. This book will get you off the couch and searching for new materials to transform into extraordinary gadgets.
Geek Dad is a great resource book to get those brain juices flowing. You can use the ideas, projects from the book or you can use it as a baseline for starting your own. Just get out and have fun. "Ken breaks down each activity into categories like cost, difficulty, and duration so that kids of all ages-from pre-school to high school age-can join in the fun."

Go online to purchase the book it is in stores now. Visit http://www.geekdadbook.com/.

Disclaimer: I received this book for review purposes only. I was not financially compensated for this review. All thoughts, opinions and reviews were solely my own.

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