Monday, June 13, 2011

Sand to Pearls - Book Review

Book: Sand to Pearls

Author: Heidi McLaughlin

Publisher: Deep River Books 

Illusions of success and instant pleasure can seduce us into making poor choices. We long for fulfillment but are haggard from life’s trials and overwhelmed by what the future holds. Broken, we feel unworthy to ask God to intervene in our lives. Blinded by it all, we often overlook that God has the potential to use everything in our lives--whether good or bad.

It's time to S.T.O.P. and let God help us make bold choices to enrich our lives with freedom, fulfillment and incredible beauty!

International speaker and author of Beauty Unleashed, Heidi McLaughlin shares from her personal discoveries how God heals and restores all failures and pain. If God can take a tiny grain of sand and turn it into a gorgeous pearl, then He certainly can turn our worst decisions and biggest mistakes into a magnificent new beginning!

Book Synopsis: Heidi uncovers some of the illusions, fallacies and overwhelming obligations we place upon ourselves and shows us how we can turn around every situation by allowing God to change those sandy unfulfilled areas in our lives into beautiful pearls.  The Book - Sand to Pearls is a God-send, real talk, everyday practical biblical wisdom, encouragement, transparent and non-judgemental, like having a heart to heart with your closest friend. Some of the topics covered are:

Self Sabotage
Broken or Blended
Fear or Fortitude
Shamed or Radiant
Panic or Prayer

At the end of each chapter, each section ends with Choices That Enrich Your Life, Steps to overcome every situation discussed and Stop and Ask God to help you Change Sand to Pearls. S.T.O.P. stands for S Scripture, T Thanksgiving, O Observation, and P Prayer.

My Thoughts: As I was reading Sand to Pearls I began to realize that I have some areas that still need some additional work. The Chapter Fear or Fortitude - Spoke volumes to me.

"What choice will you make in the presence of fear? Will you cower and run or will you face it head on. Discovering the God given purpose for your life can be exciting and rewarding. The enemy or fear if we allow it, can rob us of our joy, sense of fulfillment and paralyze us from moving forward."

"Fear gives us disguised opportunities to discover gifts and joys that God wants to give us."

I loved the way Heidi breaks down each topic and shares her personal story and how she allowed God to change those areas in her life that needed mending and repair. She also talks about nurturing yourself so you can nurture others. Praying everyday with your spouse and for your family, building and intimate relationship with God first and how He helps to heal all the broken places in our lives.

I enjoyed reading this book and I will continue to use it as a reference tool along with my daily devotional as I allow God to help me continue to grow spiritually. This is a wonderful, well written book full of insight, with personal examples and Godly solutions to help you grow and mature in your spiritual walk with the Lord. This is not just for the new believer, but for anyone who wants to see change and personal spiritual growth in their lives. Enjoy a few laughs, but also personal insight from someone who has been there personally and allowed her story be told to help someone else.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review courtesy of BringitonCommunications in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any way, all thoughts and opinions expressed were solely my own.

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