Thursday, October 21, 2010

Protecting Our Children Online

We are working on Digital Citizenship for the subject of Technology and how to use the Internet responsibly. Our childrens' safety should be a priority and with all of the recent news of Cyberbullying and all of the information our children have access to, we as parents have to monitor their activities even more whether it is online, mobile, texting, etc. As parents we want to protect them as much as we can- here are a few sites to help teach your children, tweens and teens about Internet safety:

NetSmartzKids Super cute site for kids and parents, with cute games, printables, videos used to teach about online safety  Game zone i.e.: capturing outlaw online bandits, teaching online safety rules, game quests, matching, coloring pages and so much more... Teaching online safety for parents, kids, teens, teachers, law enforcement

NetSmartz Teens  Click on games to access the following:  Interactive site with games, videos, online safety, teaching social networking responsibly, sharing too much information online, Cyberbullying, predators, chat rooms and more...

Here are a few more sites:

Web Wise Kids -

Wired Kids -

Go McGruff -


This is a short list of sites if you have any more you would like to share feel free to leave a comment with additional links. Here's to using the Internet responsibly. I would love to hear your feedback!


  1. Thanks for the information. My kiddo is still a baby and will not be on the internet for a long time but I think it is important for everyone to read this stuff. I know I am not always the safest on the internet (my blog is public and about my life) and sometimes I regret it.


  2. I have to tell my friends with older children about this post. Your tips are great and your blog is adorable. Also, thanks for stopping by my site.


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